Practice Space / Alice Waters Potluck

Practice Space / Alice Waters Potluck

Regular price $12

Saturday February 16th, 7-10pm

Reserve your spot for the Alice Waters Potluck by purchasing here. Each attendee will be assigned a recipe to cook for the potluck. The recipe assignment is to be picked up at Practice Space before February 16th (we can also mail it to you if requested) You will have some freedom in recipe choice, and if you already have a favorite - we will definitely consider it! Keep in mind we want a dinner that is varied and tells a story so we have to coordinate all the dishes.

Your $12 ticket includes natural wine served with dinner and a side salad. We’ll gather around a low table on the floor at Practice Space, bring a cushion if you’d like!

The dinner is limited to 16 people because of space. This event is for adults, but if you have a young person that’s really interested in joining, get in touch.