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Jenn Erickson / Medium Spring Rattle

Jenn Erickson / Medium Spring Rattle

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Jenn Erickson is a Boston-based ceramic artist producing handmade functional and sculptural ceramic pottery and jewelry. These sculptural spring rattles are a colorful addition to the home, and soothing to pick up and shake. This smaller rattle measures 2.5" in diameter. Of the collection, Erickson writes: "I really enjoy making round shapes and things that make sound. As a kid and as an adult, I collect things from the earth and have a particular love for rocks ( have a extensive rock and mineral collection) and I love the feel of something that fits right into my hand.

Each of these pieces is made from porcelain clay inside and out. I slowly rolled little tiny bits of clay individually and counted out 8, 12, 16, 20 pieces for each rattle after experimenting with the quantity that made best sounds. The pieces are then hand painted in glazes and fired twice in a hot kiln."

Please inquire for available rattles - only a selection remaining.